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The different systems are designed for different use cases. So it is important that our engineers and consultants understand the client's requirements and will then be able to propose the most suitable system.


We have the capability to select and design solutions based on the client's parameters. For example, a simple perimeter loop might be quick to install but will not be applicable for all cases, especially if privacy is a concern.


Our engineering team is experienced in installing audio Induction Loops, Digital FM and Infra-red systems for different enviroments. Our experienced team has participated in the building and comissioning of many loop projects in Singapore, including Changi Airport T4, Bedok Integrated Facility, Glaxo-Smith Kline's head office, University of NewCastle and many schools managed under the Ministry of Education's PERI upgrading program. In addition, our solutions for loop and FM have been implemented in many world famous buildings such as the Eiffel Tower, Kölner Dom Cathedral, Christchurch airport , Congress Center Hamburg and the British Museum and many others.


While our B2B services provide construction professionals solutions, our retail B2C business helps us understand the true difficulities faced by hearing impaired people all over world. It is with this knowledge and the mission of desiring to help all hearing-impaired people hear better, that we have the conviction to deliver the best B2B solution to hearing aid users everywhere in the world.

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