The Listening Lab, exclusive distribution partner with Ampetronic - your ultimate solution to hearing impairment

Driven by a desire to improve accessibility for those with hearing impairment, and in an effort to comply with the BCA Code on Accessibility in the Built Environment 2013, the demand for hearing enhancement solutions has increased significantly.


The Listening Lab Pte. Ltd. is pleased to announce that as at December 2018, we are appointed the exclusive distribution partner for Ampetronic (UK) in Singapore for hearing loop and hearing enhancement solutions. Ampetronic is the gold standard in hearing enhancement technology in the industry.

About The Listening Lab

The Listening Lab Pte. Ltd. is founded by a team of healthcare professionals with more than four decades of global and regional experience in the assessment of hearing and fitting of hearing devices. The team includes Kelvin Lee, Executive Director and Wai Leong Chung, Manager - Hearing Enhancement System & Hearing Loop Specialist. We are here to support those with hearing impairment to discover the benefits from Ampetronic, the world's leading hearing loop systems manufacturer.
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“Simple, powerful functionality at your fingertips"

Together with Ampetronic, we provide performances and sound information in buildings, facilities and venues in Singapore more accessible for those hearing aid users with a genuine difference!

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