Hearing Enhancement Systems

For Buildings & Public Areas

Have you ever seen this and wondered what it is? This is the universal symbol to inform members of the public that there is a Hearing Enhancement System present and operating in the background and can be used to increase the volume and clarity of a desired sound source. This system is made to be compatible with personal hearing aids/devices equipped with a telecoil feature.

Singapore's Vision for Accessibility & Hearing Impairment


In 2013, the Building Construction Authority (BCA) implemented the Code of Accessibility for Buildings (2013). Part of the requirements for this code, required new buildings and buildings undergoing A&A works (Additions & Alternations) to be fitted with Hearing Enhancement Systems. The Listening Lab and it's team of trained and certified professionals, are on hand to help you understand BCA's requirements and implement them in a timely and proficient manner.

How Buildings Can be Equipped with Hearing Enhancment Systems

Audio Induction Loop Systems

Digital FM Solutions

Infra-Red Solutions

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